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Our Curriculum

At Northill CEAcademy we implement a curriculum which is dedicated to supporting our pupils to flourish and 'Shine... Like Stars'


The Intent behind our curriculum:

We are a small, community orientated, passionate school where all pupils are given the tools and opportunities needed to succeed and develop a life-long love of learning. 


It is our intention to implement a curriculum that is rooted in strong Christian values; that is aspirational, challenging and diverse, allowing our pupils to flourish with independent learning skills, resilience and autonomy while broadening their language skills and understanding of key concepts as well as reflecting and engaging with our local community

How do we achieve this? Our implementation...


Here at Northill we structure our curriculum using the National Curriculum for England (2014) as our core curriculum for Key Stages one and two. We carefully plan all of our objectives from this, ensuring we provide our pupils with the aspirational, engaging and motivational learning experiences they deserve. For the full National Curriculum overview, please check the link below. 


Our 'Recovery Year' 2021/22


Following the challenges presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are doing things a little differently this year...


Our class organisation and structure is our prime 'catch-up' method...

Below you will see our rationale for this adaptation.

As part of our transition to this process we worked with our pupils, following the value of Democracy to determine our new class names. 

Together the pupils in the school decided to have our classes named after birds. Once this was established each newly formed class nominated bird types as their class names and held a second level vote. 


The results are in and our Class names for 2021/22 are:



Flamingos Class

 Reception and Year 1


Swans Class


Eagles Class

Mixed Year 2, 3 and 4

As part of our remodel, this year, our Thematic Curriculum is being re-worked to respond to and meet the needs of all pupils in our classes. 


Teachers have worked carefully together to establish the National Curriculum Objectives that pupils need to revise as a result of the remote learning, alongside mapping the objectives for their new year groups. Curriculum maps are currently being finalised and will be available on this page very soon. 

Use the subject tabs below to see a more detailed overview of our curriculum and its implementation structure for each subject.


For a more detailed overview for each key stage please see the individual key stage links above.