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Equal Opportunities

At Northill CE Academy, we believe that every child should have the right and the opportunity to experience, enjoy and engage with all areas of school life. 


As a partner school in the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust, we follow our Trust wide adopted Equality Information and Objectives Statement. 


We are dedicated to delivering an education that serves our local communities and is specifically designed to meet the needs of our children and families. We believe in providing a high-quality education, underpinned by Christian and British Values, which enable every child to flourish and 'Shine like Stars' 


Our aims and objectives are:

  • Being respectful
  • Always treating all members of the Trust community fairly
  • Developing an understanding of diversity and the benefits it can have
  • Adopting an inclusive attitude and ensuring that the whole Trust community understands what inclusive behaviour looks liked and how this aligns with our school and Trust values
  • Adopting an inclusive curriculum that is accessible to all
  • Encouraging compassion and open-mindedness
  • Challenging bias and calling it out in order to move the conversation forward.


Our children are taught to be:

  • Understanding of others
  • Celebratory of diversity
  • eager to reach their full potential
  • Inclusive
  • Aware of what constitutes discriminatory behaviour


Our Trust wide Equality Information and Objectives Statement accessible below, provides more information about this duty.