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Northill CE Academy: English Writing Curriculum

- Writing for a Purpose


Core Principles for Writing at Northill:

At Northill, we know and understand the importance of writing development and the need for this to be purposeful, engaging and progressive. In order to develop our own English writing curriculum we have determined core principles for each unit of English being taught in our school, ensuring pupils receive an engaging learning experience, which inspire a love for writing.

Units of work will be planned by class teachers, ensuring each unit include the following elements:

  • An inspiring model text, which promotes engagement, provides opportunities to experience new language, focusses on the interests and topic pupils wider learning relates to and promotes diversity in our community,
  • An inspiring learning ‘hook’ to capture the attention and engagement of pupils,
  • A progressive plan towards creating a published piece of written work by the end of the unit,
  • Opportunities to develop cohesion and stamina for writing,
  • Opportunities to review edit and develop writing.