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A Thematic Curriculum


Across Key Stages 1 and 2 (School years 1- 4) we implement a group of the National Curriculum (2014) foundation subjects in a thematic, or topic focused, curriculum. This approach to teaching allows us to correlate our learning from the foundation subjects of Art & Design, Design and Technology, History and Geography into a topic that enables the subjects to come alive and provide for relationships between the subjects to become clear. Each of these subjects lend themselves to this type of pedagogy, when researching historical topics for example we can also explore artists of the time and techniques used, then use our own design skills to make and model using the same techniques we have been researching. We can investigate the the geographical landscape of an area and how it would have been impacted by the culture at the time. Through this approach to teaching our children are able to realise the purpose and connections between the subjects they are learning about, enabling real life-long learning experiences. 


Both our Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 classes follow a two year rolling cycle to ensure children always receive the same opportunities without repeating the same topics. This also enables us to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum (2014) expectations. 


Each topic is enhanced by at least two curriculum events, usually a 'Stunning Start' and 'Fantastic Finish'


Termly curriculum maps can be found on individual class pages of this website. 

Otters Class (Key Stage 1) Two Year Topic Cycle


Year A topics:

Autumn Term: Mission to Mars

Spring Term: Fire and Ice

Summer Term: Near and Far


Year B Topics:

Autumn Term: Paws and Claws

Spring Term: A Tale of Two Queens

Summer Term: The other side of the World