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Squirrels Weekly Home Learning

Working from home during the Corona Virus Pandemic

During school closure, parents can download the following learning resources to support their child/ren.  By no means do we expect your child/ren to complete all the activities; they are a selection of ideas for exploring a range of curriculum subjects covered during a typical school timetable.


Best wishes from us all!


P.S.  Please give feedback on the resources provided.  If there is anything you require, specifically, please let me know by emailing  In addition, it would be lovely to see photographs or any other evidence of the activities taking place; perhaps I can share them on our Squirrels Gallery page!

Jo Scurfield

Top tips for Learning at Home | How to home school effectively

Prof. Ruth Merttens provides her top tips on how to use Hamilton's Learning at Home packs effectively. Advice for all those parents currently taking on the difficult challenge of home schooling due to COVID-19.

Premier Education 'STAY ACTIVE' Home Learning: Football - Chipping

PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM BEFORE TAKING PART* Join our Quality Assurance manager Sam and our Partnership Manager Ryan for the third of our footba...

Premier Education 'STAY ACTIVE' Home Learning: Hairspray

PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM BEFORE TAKING PART* Watch your child practice their dance moves with this dance routine delivered by our Premier Arts A...

WC 23.3.2020 Home Learning Activities



States of Matter Scientists: Evaporation and Condensation  

Ask a question about evaporation and set up a practical enquiry that will provide the scientific evidence to answer it.


Art and Design - River Art Inspired by Monet

Rivers have long been are a source of inspiration for artists. Consider light and colour in Monet’s River Thames series work and how his new style gave rise to the term “Impressionism”. Learn about the life and work of this great artist and create your own river artworks.

Mother's Day (Geology Rocks) Cakes!

Before the school was closed, we fully intended to write the recipe and instructions for making Rock Cakes after our Mother's Day cooking session.  Use the resources above to learn how to write a QUALITY set of instructions, including learning and practising the use of imperative verbs.  Choose to write your instructions on either the 'Instructions' writing frame or the Baking Page Border.  Use the Instructions Checklist to ensure you have included all the features of Instruction Writing.  Click on the link to remind yourself how to make Rock Cakes but try not to copy the instructions exactly; write a set of instructions in your own words.

Test your instructions by making Rock Cakes at home!

Sunshine Circles using the Principles of Theraplay


Sunshine Circles are adult-directed, structured play therapy-based groups that incorporates playful, cooperative, and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional well-being of children. ... Instead of talking about positive social behaviour, the group leaders and children DO positive social interaction. 


Used in all three classes at Northill Lower School to build trusting relationships, why not give it a try with your family! 


Choose from a selection of activity ideas and/or click on the links below to find out more about how Sunshine Circles and the Principles of Theraplay can help the emotional well-being of you and your family during this intense and worrying time.

Sunshine Circle Activities for Parents

Announcing "P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Starting Monday 23rd March Joe Wickes, The Body Coach, is going to be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

'Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.'  National Curriculum - Languages

While we are not able to enjoy incorporating the learning of the French language into our everyday school life as usual, why not keep up the good work (and those fabulous French accents) by checking out Rock N Learn French on YouTube?

Fun times!

(Moved during Covid-19 closure) Welcome to the Squirrels Class Page 


Squirrels Class comprises of Year 3 and Years 4, and covers the Lower Key Stage Two curriculum. Our class teacher is Mrs. Scurfield and we are supported by Mrs. Cutmore and Mrs. Fox. In addition to this, Mrs. Cutmore covers Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) on Tuesday mornings.

Parent Information Handbook for Squirrels Class 2019-20

News 21st June


At the beginning of the week, eight Squirrel children (4 boys and 4 girls) took part in the Quadkids Athletics Festival at Bedford Athletics Stadium.  Vinny explained how hard the 400m run was, having to keep a pace to keep going.  Erin came first in the Girls' 400m race, with Laila coming third.  A great effort! 

Caila and Holly remember the excitement of racing parallel with each other until Caila managed to speed past the finish line just in front. Bobby remembers, in the Vortex Rocket Throw, he won his group.  Holly laughs when she remembers how Troy managed to throw his vortex rocket over the fence!  Daniel modestly relayed how he jumped the furthest in the boys' standing long jump. Laila entertained everyone with her rendition of 'I Believe I Can Fly!' during standing long jump!
The rest of Squirrels Class took part in their own mini Quadkids event.  They teamed up in pairs, creating their own colour teams.  We competed in our own 400m race by running laps of the field.  Sofia remembers having fun whilst Rafe describes how exhausting it was!  The children were so motivated they chose to run numerous additional laps!  Laura enjoyed the opportunity to picnic together on the field (even School Dinner children)!  
Victory was claimed by Green Team (Oliver and Rafe), scoring over 400 points.  Rafe was the individual champion, contributing the most points overall.

News 24th May 2019


Squirrels have been using and applying linked Maths with the Amazon topic.  They compared and ordered the lengths of the rivers and other measures they had researched.  The children produced  tables to collect their data before presenting it in bar charts.  As well, Squirrels produced an itinerary for a trip up the Amazon.  They needed to read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12 and 24-hour clocks.


In Science, the children set up mini water cycle investigations and have been observing changes over the week. Making further cross-curricular links, in English, the children have begun to write up their science lab reports. They have drawn and labelled diagrams of the apparatus used, as well as drawing a diagram and labeling the water cycle itself.


Most excitingly, Squirrels took part in a Kwik Cricket Festival at Blunham Cricket Club on Wednesday.  Every child showed courage and commitment and tried their very best.  For Blue Team, their efforts were rewarded with a place in the finals!  Finishing as Runners-Up, they were defeated only by a margin of 4 runs!  


The whole class were a real credit to the school and their parents.  Well done Squirrels!

News 10th May

Our Sunshine Circle (see school website for information on the principles behind Sunshine Circles) this week had a literacy theme.  We read the story, It's Okay to be Different by Todd Parr and then had a great discussion about all the ways people are different and how these differences should be celebrated. The children went on to create a whole class poster for the room showing all the ways that we are different and that it is OKAY!
The children have been learning about the beliefs of Christians: People of God. The children made clay plaques to replicate religious artifacts, depicting Mary and baby Jesus.  The children then wrote an explanation to show their understanding, including making comparisons with other religions and their own life.


In Maths, we continue to focus on Geometry; Properties of Shape.  The children have been comparing and ordering angles, using angles to identify shapes, as well as a description of direction. Their creative Maths work on The Angle Family is on display in the class window for all to enjoy.

News 26th April

As the first day of the Summer Term was the 23rd, April, Squirrels started back by learning about St. George.  They have been collecting evidence of his life, as well as remembering the legend, George and the Dragon.  The children have begun to write a biography of St. George's life.
Squirrels were introduced to their new topic, Amazing Amazon.  They have already begun to justify its status as one of the world's most mightiest rivers.  Some children have been thinking about their learning at home, researching and bringing in facts and other things related to the Amazon River and Rainforest.
Our topic for R.E. this term is Christianity; People of God.  The children will be answering the question:  What is it like to follow God?  They began by learning to understand Christian beliefs.
In Mathematics, we have been making the most of the fine weather taking our learning outside to measure perimeter and area.  We continue to practice quick recall of multiplication facts and corresponding division facts on a daily basis

News 5th April

This is our news written by Squirrel Class


Daniel: On Viking Day we got to dress up and make shields and swords for friendly battles.

Oliver: I enjoyed the Viking Dances.  It was fun!

Ashton: I learnt how to save somebody’s life.  Mr Blunt trained us that if you were choking you would hit them on the back 5 times, REALLY HARD!

Vinny: I learnt what it would be like to be a King in Anglo-Saxon times.  I learnt how much slaves had to work!

Sofia: We made shields.  We learnt that Anglo-Saxons and Vikings sometimes went to war.

Chelsea: On our Viking Day we learnt about the different foods Vikings/Anglo-Saxons ate in their typical days, for example, split peas which is similar to hummus today.  Vikings used to call bread, cake.

Florence: On Viking Day we learned how to make shields out of cardboard.

Laura: On Viking Day we performed to our parents our Viking dance.  We had worked on it very hard.

Caila: I enjoyed dissecting poo!  I learnt what the Tudors, Romans and Vikings ate.

Callum: I enjoyed making Viking pancakes.  They were tasty. I like the honey.

Troy: We visited Edward Peake to watch High School Musical.  I was surprised there was a character called Troy!

Bobby: I didn’t like dissecting poo – it was gross!  I learnt what Tudors, Romans and Vikings ate.

Sammy: I enjoyed Viking Day because of all the different activities;

Lilac: I enjoyed High School Musical.  It was really, really cool! I don’t think I would be able to do it as it looks scary!

Rafe: I learnt that I didn’t like smelling the poo because it smelt like fish pie!  Scientists dissect poo because they can find out what animal poo it is. Steve Backshaw ate Ox poo!

Brendan: I learnt how to do Grid Method to solve multiplication problems.  

Laila: I learnt Vikings died at a young age because of all their hard work.  They died at about 25.

Holly: Chelsea was the Chieftain's wife and Vinny was the Chieftan on Viking Day.  At the feast, Florence and I had to serve drinks and food to everyone.

News 22nd March

In Maths, the children have been solving multiplication number problems using the grid method.  Some children used this strategy to help them solve a real life problem which involved working out the amount of ingredients for the whole class to bake cakes for last week's Red Nose Day!  We have also combined Maths with the great outdoors, playing Around the World, a multiplication and division game, solving problems, including missing number problems.
Squirrels took part in Sports Leadership Training.  It involved a whole morning learning about the qualities of a good leader, as well as taking part and learning to lead a number of sporting activities.  Many of the children implemented their training immediately, encouraging children across the school to take part in various lunchtime activities, such as long jump, running races etc.  Sports Leadership Training provided links to Literacy.  The children designed posters for display around the playground to remind children of the qualities of Leadership, as well as the four key elements for adapting activities to include all children.
At last, all of Squirrels were available to take part in their first whole class Sunshine Circle.  As mentioned at the Meet the Teacher Evening, introducing this amazing, evidence-based, social-emotional development group to our classroom will create an atmosphere of fun, caring, acceptance and encouragement that leads to better social, emotional and even cognitive development.  Sunshine Circles help to build better relationships.  Please read the attachment for additional details on how Sunshine Circles, Theraplay groups for the classroom, can very quickly and dramatically improve the quality of the classroom

News 15th March

After celebrating Shrove Tuesday last week by making pancakes, this week, Squirrels each wrote a set of instructions based on their experience.  Their recent practise in weighing, measuring and working as a team stood them in good stead for this week's challenge of making, baking and decorating 72 Red Nose Day Cupcakes.  The class worked so hard and were all rewarded with Star of the Week for their AWESOMENESS! 

In Maths. aside from all the measuring and weighing, the children have been working on finding fractions of amounts, as well as investigating equivalent fractions and reducing them to their simplest form.  The children enjoyed lots of practical activities to hep their understanding, which included lots of Smarties! 

News 1st March

In Maths, Squirrels have been practising Times Tables.  They designed Wardorf Flowers to help them practise tricky times tables, as well as playing times tables  card games and Hit the Button computer games. They have been investigating equivalent fractions and learning the relationship between times table and fractions.
In Science, Squirrels are learning why it is important to keep our teeth healthy. We are investigating which liquid does the least/most damage to tooth enamel.  They set up investigations to answer their own scientific questions such as, What damage will Fruit Shoot, cranberry juice, Vimto etc. cause to tooth enamel.
In English, they have designed eye-catching posters to help prevent tooth decay.  We have also linked Topic to English by researching and starting to write about a day in the life of an ordinary Anglo-Saxon man, woman or child.

News 8th February

This week Squirrels’ Maths work was based around measures and data. We measured children and
teachers in m and cm and converted cm to m & vice versa. Year 4 measured in m and cm and
converted from cm to m and m and cm to m (2 decimal places). We measured our feet and
collected the data to answer the question, Are both our feet the same size? We measured in cm and
mm; converted mm to cm and vice versa. Year 4 measured in cm/mm and converted from mm to
cm (1 decimal place). We went on to measure in kg and g; converting g to kg and vice versa. Year 4
weighed in kg/g and converted from kg to g and vice versa (1 decimal place).
In English we continued to base our work around the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf. Children
took part in group reading sessions and worked on comprehension tasks.
This week the children have learnt about Anglo-Saxon and Viking writing. They have written
messages to each other in Runes, as well as paint and design ‘illuminations’ similar to the
illustrations of the Christian monks in the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells.
They put the finishing touches to their clay work; painting their teeth models and plaiting and
twisting wool to hang their decorated amulets (Anglo-Saxon lucky charms).

Some of our models of teeth and amulets made in clay

News 25th January

This week in Maths, the children have been using different strategies to add two, three and four 2-digit numbers. In English, using the epic poem Beowulf as stimulus, they continue to work towards writing their own mythical story. The children have learnt techniques for describing their heroes, settings and monsters! Through dance and drama, the children continue to learn about The Dark Ages. The children participated in role-play to begin to understand the priorities of invaders and settlers and the reasons for their decisions.

News 18th January

Squirrels have continued with the digestive system in science this week.  They have found out how long the whole system is and also the length of the small intestine.  They were amazed that it could all fit into their bodies which prompted them to ask lots of questions.  They are also writing a script about the digestive system and incorporating some dance moves which will then be performed to their peers.  There was some great descriptive language and imaginative moves as they practised today.

What have we been up to this week?

News 11th January 2019

This week Squirrels have been learning about the digestive system in Science.  We investigated how food travels through the body with a practical experiment.  The children had great fun and laughter with their learning!  In Maths, children have been exploring Number and Place Value.  Year 3 placed 3 digit numbers on number lines as well as playing a competitive game to identify the values of each digit.  Year 4s investigated decimals.  During English we have listened to gory Anglo-Saxon and Viking sagas, to create our own heroes.

30th November

With the Christmas Play looming ever closer, Squirrel class have been hard at work practising their lines and their dances. We began the week by looking at Haikus about the weather, reading and then writing a selection of our own. In PE, the children have been enjoying some yoga sessions with Mrs Cutmore during the rainy afternoons and have been creating their own PE games with Mr Turner.

News 23rd November


The children have been hard at work over the last five days with our Christmas play, practising and learning the songs off by heart. We have also been editing and improving our stories about the little boat and writing our final drafts in English, focusing on our handwriting and spellings. In maths, we have just begun looking at time, converting between analogue and digital times, with the year fours focusing on am and pm in context, when creating a summer camp timetable. We have looked, in depth, at the celebrations in Judaism and considered what foods would be important to the children if they had to leave their country and live somewhere else.

News 16th November

This week, the children have been looking in detail at the types of animals that live in estuaries and creating leaflets to advertise the wildlife sanctuaries that have been built there. We have also experimented with an impressionist style of painting, concentrating on how our brush strokes can highlight light, shadow and reflections. In our topic, the children have been learning key geographical words to describe the different parts of a river’s journey and have used these to help write their own stories about a little lot boats journey from source to mouth. The children have also been hard at work inventing their own games, focusing on the core values of physical education, such as determination and fairness.

News 2nd November

In our first week of the new term, Squirrel Class have been hard at work with their new topic, ‘From Source to Sea’. In English, we have been looking at the journey of a lost boat from stream to sea and have been hard at work in art, studying the works of Claude Monet and, in particular, his Westminster Palace series. In maths, the children have been adding 1000s (year fours only), 100s, 10s and 1s mentally to 3 or 4 digit numbers and are beginning to look at money. We have also been practising for our Christmas Play, where a number of cheery Christmas songs have been heard through the corridors, emanating from Squirrel Class.

News 5th October

Squirrel Class looked at different 2D shapes together and then Year 3 sorted them according to their properties using a venn diagram.  Year 4 focused on the different types of triangles and described their properties.  Can they tell you the difference between a scalene triangle and an equilateral triangle?  In P.E. Squirrel Class have begun to create a gymnastic routine, making sure they include balancing, rolling, jumping and not forgetting transition between movements.  In R.E. the children learnt about why Christians celebrate harvest and then went on to write their own harvest prayer thinking carefully about what to include.

News 28th September

In our third full week, Squirrel Class have been reading the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ and have been acting out particular scenes, using the book to help research what animals lived in Britain during the Stone Age and the food that hunters and gatherers ate during that time. We have also written a postcard from the boy in the story to a friend or family member and finished the week with a whole class debate on which era was better to live in: the Stone Age or modern day. We have also been scratching and scraping a variety of different rocks to find the softest and testing to see which rocks soak up water and, in PE, the children have been practising their shooting, choosing whether to use their laces for power or the inside of their foot for accuracy.

News 21st September

It has been a busy week in Squirrel Class.  In literacy the children have been writing instructions on how to bath a stone age animal. They used their imaginations with some hilarious results.  In science Squirrel Class have taken a close look at rocks found in this country.  They then described them in detail and also sketched them.  During art they all pretended they were from the stone age and got under the tables to create cave paintings.  In R.E. they identified some of the important objects found in a synagogue.

News 14th September

In our second week back, Squirrel Class have been following instructions to sketch their own woolly mammoth and have researched what it was like to live in Britain during the Stone Age.  In P. E., the children went outside on Monday for football, where they looked a different parts of the foot used when dribbling and kicking the ball, and enjoyed their first gymnastic lesson inside, where they began to explore various different shapes they could sequence together when travelling and jumping.  In addition to this, we were excited to welcome Mr Paul Blunt to the class.  We all worked together to become sports leaders for break-times, learning different skills to share with the younger children.

News 7th September

This week, Squirrel Class have begun their 'Stone Age to the Iron Age'' topic by creating artwork based on the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge.  The children created and blended their backgrounds resulting in gradient, using two or more colours, before using black sugar paper to build their Stonehenge.  We have also researched mammoths in preparation for our class book, 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', which we will be reading over the next two weeks and the children have created their 'sprites' in computing for their Stone Age games.



Could you hear your child read as often as possible, noting down the date read and any comments you may have in your child's reading record.



Spellings have been sent home with your child in the form of a booklet. Could you help your child learn each week's spellings ready for our weekly spelling test, which takes place every Friday.


Times Tables

Squirrel class will have weekly times tables tests. Times tables will be sent home in blocks for children to learn by heart. By the end of year three, children are expected to know their 3s, 4s, and 8s off by heart. By the end of year four, children are expected to know all of their timetables, from 1-12, off by heart.