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The Intent behind our RE Curriculum:


Learning about religions of the world is a fundamental part of learning here at Northill. Our intention is for pupils to develop understanding of the major religions in our local community as well as the wider world. Pupils will broaden their minds through open questions which allow them to discover religion from their own perspective, through open questioning, exploration of important festivals and events as well as daily routines and differing perspectives on acts of worship. Pupils will be tolerant, accepting and respectful of religion, understanding that all people have a right to their own beliefs without fear of prejudice. In our school discussion around religion allows pupils to make their own choices, beliefs and perspectives in a safe and caring environment. 


As per our agreed syllabus we focus on the principle aim of RE:



At Northill CE Academy our Religious Education is formed from the agreed RE Syllabus for Bedfordshire. 



From this document we have selected units that allow our pupils to understand the major religions of the world, including their festivals, places of worship, beliefs and traditions. 


Below you will see our 2-year rolling programme of aspects. Focussing on Key Questions from which we wish the pupils to discuss and determine their own growing understanding and perspectives. 


2 Year Rolling Programme for RE

The Impact of RE