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At Northill CofE VA Lower School phonics is recognised as a fundamental learning experience to enable pupils to learn the essential skills needed for reading and writing. An independent review of early reading, conducted by Sir Jim Rose, confirmed that ‘high quality phonic work’ should be the prime means for teaching beginner readers to learn to read (and spell). This understanding has led us to ensure that phonics takes prime positioning in our school day, with every child who needs to be, working on phonics as a priority at the beginning of the school morning. This will support our pupils to become fluent readers, great spellers and more importantly, help them to develop the essential skills needed to fully access the world around them. 


As a school we have adopted a phonics curriculum based on the Letters and Sounds Scheme, utilising multi-sensory and engaging activities that promote a love for reading. 


Using a highly structured programme working through 6 progressive phases, children are taught:

•The full range of common letter/ sound correspondences.

•To hear separate sounds within words.

•To blend sounds together.


Each member of teaching staff and the teaching assistant team specialise in a specific phase of teaching that supports our pupils to progress quickly until reading becomes fluent and comprehension of text is clear. 


Phonics at Northill: Explained for parents