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Over the past few years we have worked hard to develop our approach to Systematic Synthetic Phonics following the principles of Letters and Sounds. Information on how we have been doing this can be found in our presentation below. 


At Northill CE Academy we know and understand the importance of phonics in developing those crucial early steps to reading. Due to the discontinuation of Letters and Sounds framework we are spending time this Autumn term looking into alternative methods for delivering Phonics in our school. 


We are currently tiraling a program closely linked to the format of Letters and Sounds; All Aboard Phonics. 


To find out more about All Aboard Phonics please click here...

All Aboard Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP) that is used by progressive school literacy teams who are looking to achieve the very best possible results for their children, year after year. It provides a complete programme to teach phonics in a fun, multi-sensory way with clear signposting of expected progress. All Aboard Phonics taps into children’s imaginations making learning fun and easy to remember


Why All Aboard Phonics?


We believe that the psychology of learning to read is one of the most essential elements to get right. So the All Aboard Phonics programme uses a lot of fun imagery and games to make it enjoyable. We aim to present the whole process as an exciting journey, which it is if we can make it fun and easy for them. The more excited the children are, and the less stress they feel, the better the results you will see. Building confidence is at the core of all learning.

Integrated Intervention Process

We are a research-based publishing team entirely focused on our mission to make reading and spelling progress easy and quick for anyone, anywhere. We research as we teach. So we help the children and they help us keep learning too. We have been helping struggling readers and spellers all over the world since 2008, so we really understand how things can go wrong for individual children. All of this experience has been built into our SSP programme, so that you see more consistent success across the whole of each class.

All Aboard Phonics, Progression through phases

Phonics at Northill- a guide for parents