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World Book Day 2020- Our day of splendid literature

Quad Kids Tournament June 2019


New garden

Otters Class: Pirate Day 2019

Red Nose Day

Gymnastics Day

Spiritual Garden

Athletics Tournament

Amazing Athletes

Pictured above are some of the team that competed in the athletics tournament at Mark Rutherford School Bedford.

The whole team were a credit to the school and their families.  They worked together cheering others on and trying their best when it was their time to compete, displaying our school values at all times.  They showed their skills when throwing, jumping and with the speed bounce finishing off with relay races.

What amazing pupils we have at Northill!

On Wednesday, the children came together and worked in three mixed groups to think about the value 'Thankfulness' The children were so thoughtful about what they are thankful for and came up with some wonderful ideas. In one activity the children thought about 'Awe and Wonder of the World'.   They came up with some amazing ideas of what they are thankful for, ranging from the coral reef to the moon and stars.  In another activity the children thought about people they are thankful for and then decorated cut out people to represent them.  In the final session  the children made a gift box and thought of something they were thankful for. 

Values Day

What a busy week!

Tuesday morning we had a visit from Widdershins Puppets and they told 'The story of Three'.  The children were enthralled with the story telling and puppetry.  More excitement later, when the whole school went to 'The Crown' for Christmas lunch.  It looked delicious and smelt very tempting, there were lots of clean plates........even some brussel sprouts were eaten!  On Wednesday the whole school were split into three mixed groups and they learnt about Christmas and the different customs and traditions in Spain, Denmark and Germany.  On Thursday, Squirrel Class visited Clapham to watch the Barn Nativity.  It took place outside, as the children followed the characters around the garden the actors told the story of Jesus' birth and ended in the stable for the final scene.  All this plus rehearsing for the Christmas Play.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.......

Science Day

Science Day

A whole day of science experiments which the students loved.  It was all about them finding our for themselves and What happened if....... 

The whole school buzzed with children exclaiming Wow, Quick, look at this, Look what happens when ... and lots of other phrases.  They loved the practical experiments and the chemical reactions and came together at the end of each session to share what they had found out.

Summer Fete.......What an amazing day!

Whole School Trip to the Zoo

A busy summer term

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