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Handwriting procedure at Northill CE Academy

At Northill we teach continuous cursive handwriting for joined writing. We believe that by teaching handwriting in this way from the beginning of our school life we are enabling our pupils to develop skills which can be further enhanced as they move through school. 


we support pupils to develop their handwriting in a number of ways:


  • Pupils are taught to recognise and appreciate patterns and lines.
  • Pupils are supported in finding a comfortable and effective grip for holding their writing implement.
  • Pupils are encouraged to hold their writing implements correctly, away from the point to ensure the line of vision is not interrupted.
  • The importance of neat and clear presentation is clearly communicated to pupils; successful teaching of this leads to pupils taking pride in the appearance of their work.
  • Pupils are encouraged to have the correct seating position when learning; the bottom of the back needs to be in contact with the back of their chair.
  • Pupils in KS2 are encouraged to write quickly, whilst maintaining clear and accurate presentation.
  • Pupils are taught to write on a range of textures such as whiteboards, blackboards, and different types of paper.


Questions used to support our pupils with developing their cursive style:

  1. Where does the letter start?
    • We often use the language: In the ground, grass or sky.
  2. What type of letter is it?
    • See the letter families below. Is it a Zig Zag monster or perhaps a Ladder letter?



Pupils are encouraged to practise their handwriting skills on a daily basis, with separate time allocated in the timetable to allow pupils to practise and develop their movement memory.