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Computing at Northill...


Computing is a not only a vital aspect of learning for our pupils but is also the subject by which our pupils will be developing life long skills that enable them to access the world around them, as children as well as through into adult hood. 


Our Computing curriculum is delivered as a stand alone subject for each of our Key Stage One and Key Stage Two classes. We have chosen to adopt the the Twinkl scheme of work as this allows us to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum (2014) objectives in a manner that supports our pupils to really engage with all aspects of their computing learning journey. Please see our full progression overview below. 


In addition to our formal Computing curriculum as a subject area, computing is also embedded across all other aspects of learning. At Northill we recognise the importance of technology in our lives as well as the importance of understand how to utilise this safely. We use a range of technology in our school, including laptops, desktop computers, interactive smart boards, IPads and Google Nest Hubs. Pupils have the opportunity to utilise this technology in all aspects of school life. Ensuring school values of responsibility, respect, trust, cooperation and freedom are embedded in our day to day learning ethos allows pupils to safely access these facilities in line with our e-safety aspect of the child-protection policy. 


Computing Curriculum Overview